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CohortFS brings new capabilities for flexible data placement, large-scale replication of mutable data, and consolidated data management in multi-tenant data centers. CohortFS extends the industry-standard NFSv4 file access protocol to permit interoperability with legacy storage systems and industry standard client software.

2/11/2014 The downloadable pdf is and article published in the February 2014 Vol. 39, No. 1 issue of ;login: a usenix publication.

Object storage systems have become quite popular, with implementations ranging from Amazon’s S3 to backends for NFSv4.1.
We describe the history of object storage, the practice and standards in use today, and work being done by groups such as the Ceph project, as well as some of our own development.

Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) March 27, 2013 – New members IBM Research, SUSE, LinuxBox / CohortFS and CEA join Coraid, Nexenta, Nexsan, Panasas, Red Hat, Tonian, and Whiptail to build momentum for the initiative.

This community of industry leaders supports the development and adoption of the parallel network file system (pNFS) standard. By advancing client and server technology, end-users can have the confidence to adopt network attached storage for their most demanding applications. The mission of is to foster open standards and interoperability to accelerate the expansion of the ecosystem.

“pNFS solves this problem by aggregating multiple NFS servers and presenting this as a singular mountpoint. This solves not only the capacity scaling issue, but also the performance scaling needs of an enterprise,” said Ben Woo, Neuralytix. provides education, guidance and technical advice to help businesses understand and evaluate their options for adopting parallel NFS. Members of have a common interest in supporting parallel NFS.

Ashish Nadkarni, IDC added, “the strength of the solution rests squarely on the robustness of the pNFS client. This is where contributions from Red Hat and SUSE, with their vast experience in Linux and IBM Research come into play. Another aspect of this initiative is that some of the players like Panasas have been shipping and deploying pNFS variants for some time now.”

Initiatives like are critical to enterprises, especially for Big Data. This is not a niche solution. With such broad adoption and momentum by so many industry leaders, it gives rise to a rapid adoption by the industry. meets this need to assist the parallel NFS Ecosystem to become mainstream.
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Presented by Matt Benjamin, on June 10th 2014, in Boston, at CephDay

Key benefit: efficient adapter for Infiniband/RDMA transports using Openfabrics interfaces (ibverbs).
Futures: multi-protocol (TCP, memory, others) transport abstraction with advanced multi-path support (among other features)

Presented by Casey Bodley, on 6/10/2014, in Boston, MA, at Ceph Day