There was jubilation around the office back in October 2014 when the internal bandwidth performance of the CohortFS OSD data path reached and surpassed the random write bandwidth of FDR Infiniband (just under 7000MB/s, at the time). But while bandwidth performance was getting good, the corresponding minimal operation latency and IOPs still lagged far behind. The CohortFS RDMA messaging more
Job Posting CohortFS, LLC is searching for a Distributed Storage Software Development intern. Decription CohortFS, LLC is developing a next generation software-defined storage solution incorporating parallel NFS (pNFS), cloud deployment, and cloud storage protocols (e.g.: Ceph RADOS, NFSv4). Current emphasis is on data placement flexibility and low-latency operation. Primary responsibilities will include systems software development, including proprietary and open more
Performance of the OSD I/O pipeline
As the CohortFS team sprints toward its first public software release (Rel0), the Cohort OSD developers are focusing intense effort on performance of the OSD I/O pipeline. A CohortFS OSD shares a lot of code with a Ceph OSD, including network transports and run-time selectable backing stores (Memory, OS Filesystem, Key/Value). But there’s a lot of very different structure more
MD5SUM: 11a8f3169728d7983cbce294fd4b047a Source code is available at: more
MD5SUM: b2ee00c8935cb01d336307b03bf6f023 Source code is available at: more
Restart/Continue pNFS Metastripe
Presented by Matt Benjamin, on 3/4/2014, in London, England, at IETF89read more
Client Side Encryption Considerations
Presented by Marcus Watts & Matt Benjamin, on 11/5/2013, in Vancouver, BC, CA, at IETF88read more
Metastripe: pNFS for Metadata
Presented by Matt Benjamin, on 8/1/2013, in Berlin, Germany, at IETF87read more
XioMessenger: Ceph transport abstraction based on Accelio, a high-performance message-passing framework by Mellanox.
Presented by Matt Benjamin, on June 10th 2014, in Boston, at CephDay Key benefit: efficient adapter for Infiniband/RDMA transports using Openfabrics interfaces (ibverbs). Futures: multi-protocol (TCP, memory, others) transport abstraction with advanced multi-path support (among other features)read more
Presented by Casey Bodley, on 6/10/2014, in Boston, MA, at Ceph Dayread more
An Overview of object Storage
2/11/2014 The downloadable pdf is and article published in the February 2014 Vol. 39, No. 1 issue of ;login: a usenix publication. Object storage systems have become quite popular, with implementations ranging from Amazon’s S3 to backends for NFSv4.1. We describe the history of object storage, the practice and standards in use today, and work being done by groups more
Momentum builds as industry leaders unite to support the development and adoption of next generation network attached storage
Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) March 27, 2013 – New members IBM Research, SUSE, LinuxBox / CohortFS and CEA join Coraid, Nexenta, Nexsan, Panasas, Red Hat, Tonian, and Whiptail to build momentum for the initiative. This community of industry leaders supports the development and adoption of the parallel network file system (pNFS) standard. By advancing client and server technology, end-users more
Presented by Matt Benjam, on March 11, 2013 in Orlando, Florida at IETF86 CohortFS has published an internet draft documenting its proposed revision of the pNFS metadata striping mechanism. more
CohortFS Slides for NFSv4 Working Group (pNFS Metastripe)
March 11, 2013 CohortFS presented to the NFSv4 working group at IETF 86 in Orlando, Fl, proposing to restart/continue standardization of parallel metadata access in more
January 8 - 11th, 2013 CohortFS, LLC will have a booth at Eureka Park - part of the CES show. Come talk with us in Booth: Venetian, Lvl 3 - 75411 More information is here: more
March 2012, National Science Foundation awarded CohortFS, LLC the Phase II SBIR grant which enabled the company to develop novel replication, data placement and data security technologies that strongly advanced the company's research and development portfolio. The NSF SBIR program has been a crucial source of funding and more
CohortFS is software for distributed data storage, serving data centers and the cloud. CohortFS, LLC is making storage more distributed, more scalable, and more flexible. The CohortFS team is developing novel data placement and data replication technologies, building a new open-source storage platform, and extending the reach of standards-based storage infrastructure (parallel NFS).read more
Ann Arbor, MI, March 1, 2011CohortFS, LLC is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the NSF SBIR Grant Phase II to develop its innovative cloud storage management more
Large data-center providers like Amazon and Google, and also federated data centers such as those now being build for U.S federal systems, are the future of both application hosting and data storage. In these environments, storage utilization is constantly growing, and storage units (along with supporting infrastructure) are continually being expanded, retired, and replaced. At the same time, this more